Operations Assistant


Job Description

Powermax General Electrical Merchants Ltd

  • Role and Responsibilities
  1. Assist in creating and reviewing statistical reports from the shops and stores.
  2. Assist in ensuring that the company has adequate and suitable resources to complete its activities (e.g. people, material, equipment etc.)
  3. Gather, analyze and interpret internal data and write weekly/ monthly/ quarterly reports.
  4. Assist in overseeing the activities of workers, train and evaluate new employees: and ensure that the company is on track to meet its goals.
  5. Assist in supervising the work of employees and providing feedback and counseling to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
  6. Ensure workers have the resources to complete their work.
  7. Ensure that all requirements for the company are met on time and report to management.
  8. Assist in the execution of Delivery Excellence function across business.
  9. Monitoring reports to identify issues on identified areas.
  10. Analyzing weekly reports.
  11. Effective management, coordination, planning and control of administrative issues in the department.
  12. Liaising with suppliers via email/ phone to gather information, assist with requests, and confirm the receipt of documents.
  13. Using employer’s proprietary software to search, track, and enter information for clients.
  14. Ensure departmental security processes and procedures are followed where applicable.
  15. Any other duties assigned.
  • Key Requirements (qualifications and skills)

Minimum level of education: Bachelor’s degree/ diploma in a Relevant Course.

3 years’ experience as an Operations Assistant.

Aggressive and highly innovative


Excellent computer literacy

  • Deadline of Submission: Thursday, 17th February 2022
  • CV to be submitted to career@powermaxea.com with the subject Operations Assistant.